zondag 1 januari 2012

Woolen Christmas trees

Here are the woolen trees (and one wooden Eline's Huis inspired tree) that have been sent to me. Thank you all ladies, for sending me the photos. I like the 'hearts-tree' of Nienke and the sparkling tree of Katia best, so Nienke and Katia will receive a little present soon.
(The beautiful white sparkling tree is from Katia Di Maglie, click here to see her blog.)

3 opmerkingen:

Katia Di Maglie Artoleria zei

Hello Eline! Thank you so much for this lovely simple contest! and WOW I'm one of the winners! :)
I can't believe!!
So kind from you! ;) Big big 2012 HUG from Italy!!

Mairi zei

Pretty Christmas tree! :D

Georgianna zei

I love these! I love the one in your book, too. I wish I'd made one! xo